Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Early Book Sales

Sales at the moment are nothing to brag about.  Nevertheless, I was super-excited to see my rank at something like 92,000 after the first paperback copy of "Sensation" was bought on Amazon a few weeks back.  Of course, it fell rather quickly (I was back in six figures within a matter of hours), but it was still a blast to have some digits attached to my work.  I'm still hoping to get the Kindle edition uploaded this week, although a few purchases has brought my current rank for the paperback to roughly 94,000.

As to "Warden," the Kindle edition has sold a couple of copies and rose as high as about 81,000 but has now retreated to around 177,000.  The paperback version is currently sitting around #260,000.  Also, I've enrolled Warden as part of the KDP Select program, so I've got to settle on some dates for my free promotion.

All in all, I'm pleased with the progress I've made thus far. 

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