Friday, June 26, 2015

New Book Release: Revelation: A Kid Sensation Novel (Kid Sensation #4)

I am happy to announce that Revelation is now published! Needless to say, getting this one released has taken a lot longer than I ever imagined or intended, but - as they say - the best laid plans of mice and men...

As always, I've released both a paperback and an ebook version. (Again, releasing a paperback edition costs essentially nothing, so why not?)  At present, I believe Amazon shows it as having 309 pages, but it actually has 392.

Once again, the cover art was done by Isikol, who simply has a knack for capturing the image I have in my head. As is typical for me, I neglected to do a cover reveal, but I've never gotten a strong indication one way or another as to how readers feel about those.  (On the other hand, I did get a strong reaction to publishing an excerpt from the book, so maybe I'll pursue that option more often.)

Beyond that, let me say thanks once again to the many fans of this series.  I know that a lot of readers were eagerly awaiting the next installment, so thanks for your patience and I sincerely hope you enjoy the book.

Monday, June 1, 2015

"He's Dead, Jim..."

This is just for kicks and grins, but I somehow got onto the subject of catchphrases with my kids and decided to give them a perfect example of one: Dr. McCoy's famous - and famously parodied - line from the series Star Trek: "He's dead, Jim."   And it's perfectly captured in the clip below.

Frankly speaking, no matter how many times I watch this, it's still hilarious.  I often wonder if the writers would have changed that line if they could have seen into the future.  Regardless, I think it's great that their work gets to entertain us on two fronts: a show that's still fun to watch almost 50 years later, and a memorable catchphrase that's likely to live forever.

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