Sunday, February 10, 2019

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Update on Replication and Excerpt From Upcoming Kid Sensation Story

Just posted an update on Replication and an excerpt from an upcoming Kid Sensation story on my website.  You can read the post here.

Friday, January 4, 2019

Cover Reveal

Just revealed the cover for Replication on my website. You can see it here.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Replication (Kid Sensation #6) is Done!

It's been a long time coming, but I'm happy to report that Replication (Kid Sensation #6) is finally done and in the hands of my editor. Hooray!!!

Weighing in at a little over 500 pages, it's the longest book I've written by a significant margin - and that's with me having left a number of scenes on the cutting room floor. For reasons that are already well-documented all over my blog, this one took much longer than anticipated, but I don't plan to let that much time pass between Kid Sensation books again.  Thus, I'll probably take a few days to decompress, then it's back to the grind again.

As for actual publication, we're practically at the end of December now, so I'm assuming a January release. Of course, much depends on other factors: when my editor gets it back to me, how long my formatting guy takes to do his thing, etc. Still, I'm excited that the book will be out soon.

In related news, I now have my own website:

I decided a while back that getting my own website was an absolute must. I really like what I've been able to do on Blogger, but at the end of the day the site is owned by Google, and if they decide they want to lock me out of my account or delete all my content, they can do that. (In fact, I've heard of that happening to people, which is sort of what prompted me to act.)

The site's actually been finished for a little while now; I was trying to wait and announce it jointly with the release of the new book, but decided to go ahead and do so now instead of waiting. It's very much like the blog, but also offers some Kid Sensation merch (some pics of which I've posted here), as well as tie-ins with my other books, should anyone be interested.

For what it's worth, I've actually got the next 3 Kid Sensation books plotted in my head (and have actually started writing them), as well as some companion novels and short stories. Frankly speaking, it's an embarrassment of riches to a certain extent. The task now is to get those (and everything else I'd like to publish) written asap.

Anyway, I'm incredibly grateful for how patient everyone's been and for the ongoing support I've received. I will do my best to get future books out at a much faster clip. 

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Update on Replication (Kid Sensation #6)

I know that readers have been eagerly waiting for me to finish this and I have been anxious to get it done.  That said I've hit two snags lately.

First, a few weekends back, I'm working away on the novel and step away from the computer for a minute.  My eldest daughter gets on to do some schoolwork, which is necessary because - even though the kids have a relatively new laptop - I had failed to put MS Office on it. (Word, to be specific).  When she leaves and I get back on - you guessed it - everything since the last save is gone.  It's depressing, but I pour myself some liquid courage and dive back in, convinced I can make up the time.  (I also load MS Office on the kids' laptop at the first opportunity.)

A week later, I'm working away on the novel when the screen goes fuzzy. (Actually, it's more like a shimmering.) Completely freaked, I look around just to make sure it isn't my eyes (thankfully it isn't), but packing up my desktop and racing out to get a diagnosis reveals that the graphics card has gone bad. I try a work-around or two, but ultimately end up buying and installing a new graphics card.  It works for maybe a second - long enough for me to grab the latest version of Kid Sensation 6 (with only minimal work lost), but now the darn thing won't boot. However, I'm less worried about that - and having to get a new PC - than I am about getting my data off the hard drive. Thankfully, I've got an external hard drive that I back everything up to, so I think I'm safe.  Unfortunately, when I go to retrieve my stuff from the external hard rive, there's nothing.  It's been reformatted - most likely by the kids, who will randomly do stuff like that. At this point, I'm almost inconsolable.

Anyway, I spent almost every spare moment over the next week-and-a-half trying to get the PC working again, but to no avail. Reseating components, clearing CMOS, and so on... None of it did any good.  From all indications, nothing was wrong; the thing just refused to work right.  I finally gave up last week and put some effort into trying to find a decent Black Friday sale. The only silver lining: a last ditch effort to get my data off the hard drive actually worked, so at least I haven't lost anything.  For those curious as to how, I used a Sabrent Hard Drive Docking Station:

I just pulled my hard drive out the PC, popped it into this little baby, and then connected it to another computer. Then it was just a matter of copying my data.  As far as I'm concerned, this device - which, I believe, is sometimes called a hard drive enclosure - is a lifesaver. (Of course, it probably won't help if there's a problem with your hard drive. But as long as the issue is something else, one of these may help get your data off a computer that isn't working.)

So where does that leave things with Kid Sensation 6?  Before my computer woes, I was a few days from finishing. Thankfully, that's still the case, so I anticipate finishing by the end of the week. Of course, I'm now definitive proof of Murphy's Law ("If anything can go wrong, it will") so just keep your fingers crossed that the next few days are smooth sailing on the writing front.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Excerpt From New Series: Zero

For those interested, I'm still grinding on Kid Sensation #6.  In the meantime, in keeping with a request for excerpts from other series that I have in the works, here's a short one from a "zombie apocalypse" story I've been working on (working title: Zero).  As always, the usual caveats apply (mainly that this hasn't been proofed):


The men looked hard and dangerous, like they’d been in enough scrapes to know how to handle themselves. Zero knew the look and the type. He was on treacherous ground here. (It also didn’t help that he had just narrowly escaped being lunch for a troop of zombs. He was exhausted by the ordeal, and it showed.)
“That’s far enough,” Zero said, rifle at the ready. “Grab your gear, turn around and go. You’re not welcome here.”
Two of the men looked at the third (obviously the leader), who seemed to be sizing up the situation. Zero knew what the man was thinking, as clearly as if he could read his mind: there was only one of him – visibly beat and weary – and three of them.
“Just hold on” the leader said. “We’re not looking for trouble. We just thought there might be something we could use around this place.”
“There’s nothing for you here,  Zero replied.  Move on.”
“We’re not looking for a handout,” the man said, holding his hands up in a non-threatening gesture. “We’d be interested in trading.” The man kept talking – saying something about taking some things out of his bag – but Zero had essentially tuned him out, wasn’t listening any more. Instead, he was watching the men, their hands, their feet.
As the leader talked, thinking he had Zero’s attention, the other two slowly, craftily tried to step away and fan out. One of them, the younger one, seemed more surefooted, shifty. Obviously sensing an opportunity, his right hand lazily drifted towards the gun at his waist. 
     Zero shot him in the eye. The man’s head exploded like a watermelon stuffed with dynamite.
The leader stopped speaking, struck dumb as gore splattered him and his friend’s nigh-headless body slid to the ground.
“What the hell!” shrieked the fat one. “You just killed him! Didn’t even fire a warning shot!
Zero almost laughed. Warning shots were like dodo birds – extinct (along with the people who used them). The current philosophy was that it a person merited a warning shot, then you probably needed to plant a slug in them. Why waste a bullet?

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