Wednesday, November 1, 2017

New Book Release: Efferus (Fringe Worlds #2)

It is with great pleasure that I announce that Efferus (Fringe Worlds #2) has been released. I know that some readers have been waiting for this one, so I'm finally glad to get it out there.

I actually hit the "Publish" button on this late Monday night, but it seemed to take much longer than normal to go "Live."  (It apparently became available some time during the afternoon yesterday.)  Obviously, I've become spoiled, because in the past I've had books become available in just a few hours. Now waiting half a day seems like a lifetime.

As has become the norm, the page count is incorrect - the book actually has 351 pages as opposed to the 275 listed - but that's usually an easy fix. (Typically, I wait until the print copy goes live and then point the Amazon folks toward it in order to get an accurate page count.)

The cover was once again done by Isikol.  (Yes - I'm a one-trick pony in that regard.) I think he did his usual excellent work and I've very pleased with it. (Hopefully readers will be as well.)

Now, of course, it's back to the grindstone and trying to finish up the next book, which is Kid Sensation #6 (working title: Replication), with the intent to wrap it up as soon as humanly possible.


  1. Sounds great. As fast as metahumanly possible would be even better

    1. LOL! I like that! I'll give it a try: "Metahuman powers, activate!"

  2. As I eagerly await the next book, I am imagining a KS cover capturing the Electra's static glare at Isteria- the girlfriend and the affianced. To mix the boiling stew further, there is still the Vestibule payback. Lots of juicy interactions to await.

    I wonder:
    -if Jim has to be severely grieved to activate is healing powers
    -if Jim will heal John, sending him to visit his bride with the ship that brought him home
    -if Isteria will develop more powers
    -why the advanced Caelesians cannot communicate with Earth since the Nagreb have that capability over an even greater distance


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