Thursday, May 4, 2017

New Audiobook Release: Extraction

In keeping with my commitment to make audio versions of all my work, the audiobook of Extraction has just been released.

With this, all of the current Kid Sensation stories have now been released in audio.  (I'm not counting Amped or Mouse's Tale, although the audio versions of those are coming.)

The plan had been to produce one new audiobook per month until I got caught up.  I haven't quite kept pace with that schedule, but I like to think I'm continuing to release audiobooks at a steady tempo.

Needless to say, I'm going to have to crank out books faster or the number of audiobooks will catch up to the number of ebooks even faster than I anticipated. So with that in mind, it's back to the grindstone.

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  2. In the past there was an option to get the audible, at a discounted rate, when you got the Kindle edition. Is this not going to be offered on current and future releases?

    1. As far as I know, the option is still there. (I even did a blog post on this a while back:

      If you've bought the Kindle edition, you should be able to get the audiobook at a super-cheap price. However, I think you have to order it on Amazon (ie, go to the page for the Kindle version on Amazon and then select "Audible" from the available formats). If you go straight to the Audible site, I don't think the deal is presented.

      Also, just FYI, authors have no control over pricing when it comes to audiobooks. That is all at Amazon/Audible's discretion.

  3. Hi Kevin, I contacted Amazon about not having the option to get the narration for a discounted price. When I asked them to compare how "Extraction" & "Amped" differed from the first four books you posted with Audible. After a lot of back and forth it seems like there is a testing period amazon does before whyspersync is enabled on the title and we just have to wait for that option.

    Titles are currently not available as a Whispersync for Voice or Immersion Reading-ready audiobook. While there may be several editions of both the Audible audiobook or Kindle eBook, these editions have not been precisely paired and therefore will not sync across devices or work together in any way.
    In order for a title to become Whispersync for Voice or Immersion Reading ready, both pieces of content must be paired together and extensively tested to make sure they sync properly.
    Me: Is this why there is not a narration option available?
    Vaishali: We are working hard to make all Audible audiobook and Kindle eBook titles eligible for this feature, so please check back later for Whispersync/Immersion Reading eligibility.
    Yes. Because the whispersync titles for the eBooks are not available therefore you are not able to purchase the titles.
    Me: Thank you. Lastly does the author/publisher need to do anything for this option or is it a matter of time for Audible/Amazon?
    Vaishali: The Author does not have nothing to do.
    Our team is working on this to make the books available on our webiste.
    I will forward this information to our concerned team.

    1. Ugh. You know, they've been applying Whispersync to all my audio releases (and at such a fast and seemingly automatic pace) that I completely forgot about that part of the equation. But in short, yes, they do have to Whispersync the title before the audio version is available at the super-cheap price. (And, as stated, it's one of those things that's out of the author's hands.)

      I believe the text and audio have to match at something like a 90% ratio in order for the title to be eligible for Whispersync. I think someone mentioned that at one time it took a month or more before a title was Whispersynced. If memory serves me correctly, when I started releasing audiobooks about a year ago, it usually happened to my titles within a couple of days. Thus, I've come to view it as practically automatic.

      That said, I notice that the price for the Whispersynced edition for several of my audiobooks has gone up. For instance, if you had bought the Kindle edition of "Infiltration," I believe you previously could have gotten the audio version for $1.99; now it's $7.49. That's still a significant discount to the regular price, but more than you would have paid before. In other words, it appears that Amazon/Audible may actually have adjusted the value of this incentive. Of course, there seem to be a number of changes occurring at Audible (eg, the gifting option is gone), so maybe this is part of whatever shift is now taking place.

  4. Any updates on when the new kid sensation is coming out. Its on my birthday wish list witch is August 14 no pressure.😆😃😆😆😆

    1. LOL. I had hoped to have it done by then, but right now mid-August would be a mite ambitious. That said, I'm going to try to hit on all cylinders and get it done as soon as possible.

  5. Any updates on any of the books?

    1. I'm trying to wrap up Fringe Worlds #2, but fate keeps conspiring against me. After that, the plan is to dive headfirst into the next Kid Sensation book and not come up for air until it's done.

    2. Is kid sensation going to ever gain new powers? In the first book it mentioned that he hadn't stopped getting new powers but we havn't seen anything new since then. I hope he does!!!
      thanks for all your hard work, i can't wait to read the next release!!

    3. LOL! He developed a new power in Book 5! But yes, he'll gain new abilities.


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