Thursday, December 15, 2016

New Audiobook: Coronation

I am happy to report that the audio version of Coronation is finally available.  Like so many other things, production fell a little behind on this one, but I'm glad that it's finally done.

This is my fifth audiobook, and I'm fortunate in that the audio versions seem to be resonating very well with listeners. (I'm also enjoying the way that audio seems to bring my work to life.)

All of the current Kid Sensation novels are now available in audio.  I also plan to do an audio version of my Kid Sensation short story Extraction. (That one, however, is a little further back in the queue.) Eventually, as I've said before, all of my work will be available in audio.

That does remind me, however, that I've fallen behind with respect to my writing.  I had intended to have at least three more books out by now (including Kid Sensation #6), but I've just been swamped recently by the day job.  Hopefully I can take some time over the holidays to right the ship in that regard and get back on pace. (Keep your fingers crossed!)

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