Friday, October 21, 2016

How to Create a Free Trial Page for Audible Featuring Your Audiobook

***Before I launch into the post proper, I just wanted to say that I still have some promo codes from Audible which allow me to gift copies of my audiobooks for free. Thus, if anyone would like a copy of the audiobook of Sensation, please send me your email address and whether you prefer the Audible US or Audible UK store.


So here's something cool I just learned how to do. As many of you may know, Audible (which is the Amazon subsidiary that handles audiobooks) offers a free 30-day trial membership, including two credits for free audiobooks.  However, it appears that you can actually customize the page showing the trial offer so that it features your audiobook.  For instance, here's what I did with Sensation:

As stated, it's a customized Free Trial Page for Audible featuring Sensation!  Pretty cool, huh?  And it was actually pretty easy to do.  Simply type the following into the address bar of your internet browser:

Then, at the end, add your audiobook's ASIN, which is different than the Amazon ASIN.  (If you go to your audiobook's product page on Audible, you'll see the ASIN in the address bar - it should be the 10 characters before "/ref".)  So, for my book, it was: 

Anyway, I stole this idea shamelessly from a post by Scott Jacobi on the ACX blog, so he has my thanks for introducing me to something so awesome.  (And for those trying this, "asin" needs to be lower case in the address bar.) Hopefully others will find this as cool as I did.

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UPDATE (1/16/18):  Audible has made some changes, so the base link now for creating your own Audible Trial page is:

Thus, for the audiobook of Sensation it would now be:


  1. Hi Kevin
    I picked up your post via the Goodreads Audiobooks group. Have tried several times to make this work with my partner's audio book but without success. That page is really a Home page for Audible it seems.I did notice your update, but still no luck. I would appreciate your thoughts. Is this no longer an option?

    1. It's still an option. For example, here's a link for a trial offer with a free copy of my book "Coronation": Just copy it directly from the page here and plug in your partner's ASIN. (Make sure it's the ASIN for the audiobook, not the ebook.)

    2. Okay, now it's not working for the "Coronotion" link I gave before, but this one is fine:

  2. Thanks for this Kevin. It works for but not for Useful all the same so thanks.


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