Thursday, September 8, 2016

Audiobook Release: Revelation is Now Available

In keeping with my commitment to produce audio versions of all my work, I'm pleased to announce that the audiobook of Revelation (Kid Sensation #4) is available.

This one actually took longer than anticipated for a number of reasons; for instance, the power went out one night while I was listening to the audio files.  (That's force majeure, man. Nothing you can do about that.) Thankfully, I was eventually able to finish, and  - like the prior audiobooks in the series - I think it turned out very well and will prove to be worth the wait.

Needless to say, it's a lot of fun for me to have my work brought to life in this way.  It's not anything I really anticipated early on when I started this writing gig, but I really enjoy it. (And it helps that I have a great narrator.)

Kid Sensation #5 is now in the [audio] works, with the anticipated completion date being in October. I feel blessed that the audiobooks have been getting a very warm reception from listeners, so hopefully that will continue - and cross over to my other series when I start releasing the audio versions of those titles. For now, though, I'm just enjoying everything about the process.  


  1. Any clue on the release of #5 audio book?

    1. I heard the first sample a few days ago; hopefully my narrator will get through with it soon. However, an actual release date is hard to pin down because even after all the files are submitted Amazon still has to perform its own quality check, which generally takes at least a week. Then, when they're satisfied, Amazon makes it available.

      In short, the actual release date is more in Amazon's hands than mine. That said, I am anticipating #5 being available in early-to-mid November.


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