Friday, September 13, 2013

The Shape of Things to Come

I was very excited to get a message tonight from someone asking about the sequel to Warden. While it hasn't been selling as well as my Kid Sensation series, the book has been a steady performer and appears to have a growing fan base.
I had originally intended to have the next book in the series published in August, but that schedule got mangled like an innocent bystander in a Stephen King novel. However, I'm happy to report that the sequel is actually finished.  I got it back from my editor last week and have just gone over it again myself. I'll probably review it one final time this weekend, so by Monday it should be ready in terms of text.

In terms of cover, however, my artist (the great Isikol), is currently at work on the cover for a new Kid Sensation short story that I recently completed. Once that is done, I hope to have him turn his hand to Warden #2. With any luck, the publication schedule looks something like this:

Kid Sensation short story - probably in the next week or so
Warden #2 - by the end of the month  

(FYI: the actual title of the sequel is Warden (Book 2: Lure of the Lamia).  As I did in the first book, I tried to take some supernatural creatures that don't get a lot of air time and let them run amok. The truth of the matter is that there are a lot of fantastic, legendary creatures out there, and it's a lot of fun to write about them.)

Beyond those two, I'm a little unsure of where to go next in terms of writing. I've got another Kid Sensation novel in mind, so that is likely to take the next spot in the queue (and of course I've been thinking about some other Warden books), but I also have some ideas for other novels and series. The questions is, at one point do I start sliding those in?

Right now, I'm just kind of oscillating - going back and forth between writing Warden and Kid Sensation. Thankfully, I've still got ideas for the major characters in those, but I've also got some stories I'm thinking about for other characters in those books.  For instance, several people have mentioned wanting to know more about the character Mouse from the Kid Sensation series.  Oddly enough, I have have Mouse's story pretty much outlined in my head; it's just a matter of putting it to paper.

Anyway, for those interested, the shape of my future writing schedule will probably be as follows:

Kid Sensation #3
Warden #3
Kid Sensation #4
Warden #4
Mouse novel (from Kid Sensation series)

Other books will probably include a dystopian series, a paranormal series, and whatever else comes to mind. Hopefully any fans of my work will stick around for the full ride.


  1. Great news! I really enjoyed Warden and look forward to book 2's coming release!

    1. Thanks! I hope you enjoy it as much as the first book!

  2. when are the book 3 and 4 of kid sensacion coming_

    1. If I can knuckle down and get some serious writing done, there's a good chance Kid Sensation #3 will be in October and #4 some time in early December. However, as noted in the post above, there's also editing and cover art to be done (among other things), so - unfortunately - nothing is set in stone.

      That said, I love the fact that readers are enjoying the series, and I will try to get the books out at the earliest opportunity.


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